Audio Artist Essentials


Learn how to build your personal brand, grow your social networks and general passive income



In this course you will learn how to

build your personal brand


Learn how to build your personal brand and have work opportunities coming towards you

grow your social channels


Learn how to grow your social channels the right way instead of just promoting your new album ;)

generate passive income


Learn how to generate passive income and be less worried if there is no project in sight.

Over 100 students, and counting!


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This course is a no brainer instabuy for composers, sound designers, musicians, and also sample library developers. No matter if you want to build up your personal brand and increase visibility and touchpoints for your projects & products, build up a follower base, generate leads, passive long-term income, and new job opportunities, or want to sell your digital goods and market them via email - Alex got you covered with 10 videos.


He also provides helpful technical advice on how to set up video streams with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), how to publish video content on YouTube at best, how to use a Patreon page for your business, and how to get the attention of sample library developers as a demo writer. And all of this for less than half the price of an hour you would normally have to pay to a private tutor. Go get it ;)

Bina & Ju

Music Composers

On top of being one of the most helpful, kind, and caring guys I've met in this industry, Alex is a veteran composer who has now developed a very deep knowledge of all things related to social networking, self-promoting, creating a passive income and so on.


The guy knows everything, seriously. It's like he invented Youtube.


There is a ton of information in this course and any composer curious about expanding his options in this audio jungle (no pun intended) should consider it. Bravo, Alex!

Emmanuel R.

Music Composer

What you will get


Nine information-packed video lessons

Free personal support

Hosted on top platform Kajabi

Lifetime access

Awesome content, Alex! First of all, Congrats for all the little secrets, tools, add ons, tips, and tricks put together in a meaningful way, on your own example of success!


Yes, probably, one could go search the Internet and find, maybe 30% of this information on its own, and I've tried myself but, it takes time and you need to know what to search for!


Personally, I haven't heard for many of these tools before, but most important is how each one of them connects the dots.


You've gathered it all in one place and it's easy to understand why some approach works and some don't! It is aimed towards music/audio folks, but any YouTuber, video, or games content creator can find it useful!

Ivan S.

Music Composer


Why this course?


The general mindset of working in the audio industry is mostly short-term based.


We are constantly on the hunt to find work or trying to get hired for our next project.


Then we are hopefully getting paid and off to find the next project.


What if there is an opportunity to have work coming towards you?


What if you build strong followership across your social networks allowing you to be completely independent of the current job situation?


What if you can build strategies to generate a passive income that will help you through unemployed and dark times?


This is why I built Audio Artist Essentials!



Such a great course!
It covers so many aspects we aspiring composers might not know about at all.

As a composer, I focused on writing tracks and got them published.
In this course, Alex tells about additional ways to create a passive income, which tools to use, and how.
Especially the latter was something I didn't find the time, need or
inclination for.

Well, Alex explains it practically, short and easy without going into
unnecessary technical details we all haven't the time for, right? In his honest and calm way, he gives insights on how he built up and established his brand and network. Everything is easy to follow steps.

I also like the tips and tricks on how to produce content for different platforms easily. The course motivated me to start this route finally and I am sure it will save me a lot of wrong decisions, tryouts, and money.

A meaningful investment, thank you!

David K.

Music Composer


Who is that Alex Pfeffer guy?


Alex is a self-employed composer, guitarist, and sound designer from Hamburg, Germany with 15+ years of experience in the audio industry.


His work has been featured in movie trailers (Pacific Rim, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and the Deathly Hallows, etc.) and his music is currently running in 50+ tv shows (Dr. Who, Expedition Unknown, America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, Navy Seals, Mysteries at the Museum, Forged In Fire, American Heroes, Broken Skull Challenge, CBS Sports Spectacular, SmackDown, UFC, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Gotham, Fringe, etc.) all across the globe.


Furthermore, Alex has worked on many video game productions such as the Wolfenstein series, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, Battleforge, Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Sacred 2, Galaxy on Fire 3 and many others.


Last but not least he worked as an arranger and additional composer for Trevor Morris, Frank Peterson, Sarah Brightman, and Martin Lingnau.

All this for 19 EUR only!

Straightforward pricing, no secrets, and hidden fees


There might be a point, where we audio artists struggle to keep it on, doing the things we actually love the most. And this all applies to every kind of artist, I assume.

One idea would be to just follow Alex in social media now, read his posts, analyze his behavior, and try to "imitate" him. Maybe this would even work to a certain point ... In the end, it will just be this: an imitation.

With this Audio Artist Essentials course, Alex basically opens the curtains to show his own real experience and take us to the real and important data of this experience. He even explains the strategies, he tested on his own over a long time, step by step in a detailed way. The course is structured, has different topics (so that you can pick out what you need) and the best thing is the very positive and motivating touch this course brings you.

I might re-watch some topics again, when I feel stuck in my career, probably, to get new motivation and ideas. Thank you, Alex!

Manuel S.

Music Composer


Are you still trying to get hired?


Or are you ready to create your own future?